This blog is about conservation and radio – not immediately connected, but really, everyone has diverse interests, no? And I can’t help but combine the two, often making field recordings in the natural world, looking into wildlife radio tagging, and considering how to communicate conservation. has changed, following my own refocus from broadcast radio into live events and now into conservation. So in the six or so years of content you’ll find my gentleman-tinkerer audio – speech packages, play, and acoustic ecology; and my writing, on the theory and practice of radio, the joys of listening, and the technology too. It is also shared-home to the Conservation Sound podcast.

I’m a volunteer for In The Dark, the live events collective that is part of the mini-revolution in audio story telling.

I work mostly in English, with some Chinese, and dreaming of French, Dutch, and German.

I’ve worked in production and presentation at China Radio International, the BBC World Service, Radio New Zealand National & International, as podcast producer International Crisis Group, multimedia producer at The Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, and a presenter at Paignton Zoo.  I have volunteered at London Chinese Radio, Short Science,  SOAS Radio/OpenAir, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, and Living Coasts in Torquay.  I hold a BA in Chinese and an MSc in Conservation Science.

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To wrap-up, a snapshot of my ever-changing CV; and a photo of some coffeeflavouredtea:

a cup of coffee-flvoured tea

Connor Walsh, 2010 – 2020.

This is my personal website, and the opinions are not those of my employers, past or present.