Just listened to the Saltcast – Rob Rosenthal and Jay Allison talking about slow radio. Reiterating the points made by Rick Moody in the forward to Reality Radio:

“patience is it’s own reward”, Moody writes, “and in the old days NPR would let the tape roll so one’s patience got a bit of a workout”.

Reading that kinda stuck in my craw (no, I don’t know where my craw is. It’s language). I have an extremely short attention span. “Get to the point,  most clips under 35 seconds please” are mantras. And yes I have gone through entire episodes of Radiolab timing the length of clips without another speaker, a pause, a laugh, or non-speech sound (23 seconds was the longest I got. R-E-S-P-E-C-T ).

I’ve been duly scoffed at for having this as my only understanding of pacing, by Francesca Panetta, though I forget her insight into the topic. Obviously got a way to go in my understanding of it then.

Many episodes of Radiolab have big long set-ups and stories that a news or let’s say BBC/ABC factual programme would deal with in a tenth of the time — to lesser effect. Getting to the point, being less engaging

I love being engaged through the speed and rhythm of an item. Using “speed and rhythm” there to avoid using “pace” again. Most recently struck by this in another Reality Radio item, The Letter S by Chris Brookes. Short bursts, but revealing information slowly.

I wonder would that qualify as Slow Radio? Listen here.