Here’s a recording I made in 2004, after just a few months with Transom in my life. It’s an odd one – me with a MiniDisc in Beijing’s Black Bamboo Gardens park. Mostly me yakking with pauses. I’ve stumbled across it and found it more enjoyable than I would have expected!
At the time I was working in China Radio International, but had already committed to leaving, to return to Europe. I had my own weekly feature but wanted better guidance, better standards.
Listening now, I think this would make a great programme for CRI, introducing China to foreigners. I would have called it a “meditation”, though now I’d require something more… considered to give it that title.
I seem to have used the pause button on the recorder to edit it on the fly. The audio here is as-transferred from the minidisc.
As wallpaper, I like it! Really been a pleasant surprise this week.