It’s fair to say that if you can’t get good tape in Los Angeles, you can’t get good tape anywhere. They people love to talk, and to our ears that are fascinating. Local awareness, inhibition, plenty of volume.

And, well, I didn’t get good tape while I was there last week. (music builds for The Connor Excuse) Well I was with my mother and I’m not yet comfortable being the outgoing Radio-Connor when I feel she’d be made uncomfortable.

So it’s all ears! And that’s great too of course, enriching without being terribly responsible. Yeah maybe I don’t live and love production as much as I do listening!

Hum. I’ve attached a binaural recording I made at Long Beach – but because I wrote this partially on my phone and partially on the MacBook, somehow the description of the audio has vanished. Pfff. It’s binaural, I probably turned my head too much, and I bang the mics a couple of times. But it’s still got nice bits yaw.