Tada! The first new audio I’m posting here for quite a while: Angus Graham, A Profile.

Angus Graham (1919 – 1991) was professor of Classical Chinese at SOAS. For more on him, please listen to the programme :-)

The intended audience is Sinologists; scholars with a knowledge of pre-modern Chinese or Chinese philosophy.

I’ve made this to mark the start of the AC Graham Memorial Lecture series at SOAS. It’s being hosted by OpenAir.fm. The blurb there will relate directly to the programme and the audience.

I’ve learned quite a lot making this doc. From nitty gritty about techniques in Soundtrack Pro (like using zero crossings), to another step on my long road to the use of music.

I was on the home stretch when I had the pleasure of hosting an informal Q & A with Francesca Pannetta and Alein Dein at In The Dark. They have a fair smattering of Sony’s between them, and in particular Francesca’s description of layering, not just sounds but also narrative, gave me food for thought. I couldn’t see how to add additional, subtle narrative beyond the basic chronology I have there. That is however a new goal for me, for projects yet to come.

And the other big learning point has been towards the end. I’ve had it ready for a few days, but have been sitting on it, figuring out the best way to export it and so on. It’s been a few years since I carried out this role at the BBC Chinese Service, and that was only ever for 14:30 programmes, not 42 minutes as here. I’d welcome any guidance on this!

Oh and 15 years after I bought the LP in a junk shop, I’ve been able to use Chu Chin Chow in a programme!

Some tech notes: most interviews were recorded over Skype, one was in the OpenAir Studio and two were in offices in SOAS. For those, I held a Beyerdynamic M58 and Sennheiser MKH-60 in one hand, each recording to their own channel on a Fostex FR-2LE.