Degen DE 1105 review update – it’s broken!

My Degen 1105 is more or less out of service. Why? Because the aerial fell out! The telescopic antenna is fitted into the body of the radio, so there’s no joint for it to turn around outside the set.
Two segments of the aerial have fallen out. So it’s fairly useless – you can put the segments back in, but they just fall out again, and the connection is unreliable, needless to say.

This reminded me to root out the DE 1102. All AM is dodgy on that, MF and HF. I think the ferrite rod came lose first, and then I poked around at it zapping the shortwave coverage.
I’m a bit disappointed at the build quality of the Degens now — they feel very solid, but mine have both failed inside, mechanically.

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  1. Eugenio EA 1 DPF

    Gran decepcion con le nueva DEGEN 1105. Sonido horrible,metalico,estridente como si de un receptor de juguete se tratase.Sensibilidad buena, pero muy poco selectivo. Ajustes iniciales de lo mas complicados e ilogicos.Antena telescopica no orientable. El catalogo hable de interruptor local/ Dx .Donde esta? En fin despues de unos aciertos con la 1103, o incluso la 1125, han lanzado al mercado esto que no merece la pena..

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