A pleasant surprise today in the inbox from Reuters AlertNet. Their MediaBridge.
They describe it as:

“tools and services developed to help journalists cover humanitarian crises through a handy one-stop shop on our website, “AlertNet for journalists”:


New features include hotspot mapping, which allows you to search, scan and zoom in on the world’s crises through an advanced Microsoft mapping system, and e-learning for journalists, where we’ll be constantly adding new humanitarian training modules on topics ranging from how aid works to understanding famine.

This is in addition to our other tools developed as part of MediaBridge. All our free services can be accessed from the microsite link above, including up-to-date crisis briefings, aidworld contacts and the AlertNet World Press Tracker.”

I’ve kicked the tyres, and I like it! I think it applies as much to someone bound to an office in London as elsewhere. I have an idea of the strength of radio, and wish I could use it for humanitarian good. After all, my first radio job was Reports From Developing Countries, and I still regret not having done a better job of it. But that’s another story! Right now, I’m happy the Reuters Foundation has given us this. I’ve put a link in the side column, and I intend to be a regular visitor.