A few weeks back, a friend asked about getting a DAB radio as a gift for someone in Ireland. Here’s more or less what I wrote:

There’s isn’t a full DAB service in Ireland, just a trial of the national stations, around Dublin and Louth. Some border areas can get DAB from the north, but I doubt anyone on the south-east, where Welsh TV is widely received, would be able to get DAB. Maybe, on a hill, with a big aerial on a big pole. But not all that convenient, especially when you have satellite.

There’s only one set that’ll be much use in Ireland, and it’s from an Irish-owned company. This Morphy Richards, only available from one place in the UK.

Comparatively future proof DAB, and DRM, the international equivalent (only a handful of stations there — including both my current and previous employers), plus a good old AM FM radio and SD card slot.

I should recommend a Web radio to be honest — not those useless MP3 only jobs of yore, but the ones you see advertised on www.reciva.com – some available in Currys as well as online. You need to have a wi-fi router at home, but once you have that, you have a fab choice of stations — though I’m not sure about battery life, if they even run off batteries.

Maaayybeeee a Sky Gnome, which basially relays the output of whatever you have ont he Sky box to about 50m away. Ideally though, you’ll need a second Sky box, hidden away somewhere to let the Gnome user listen to whatever they like without disturbing whoever wants to watch TV!

Since then: More people say Santa is bringing RTÉ a DRM transmitter tuned to 252kHz – yay!