France24 has launched online, 24 hours before going launching on TV.

Overall I’m impressed! The presentation is nice. The anchors are standing, with a gooseneck mic to the left and right.
Standing improves your voice on-air, and every little helps in a glass walled studio!

I started watching a few minutes after it launched, but the stream was very jittery and I gave up, just a moment before Andrea Sanke’s little outburst.
Later on in the night the stream has been a lot smoother.

I like the way the camera switches to a wider shot between the cue and a new package. But in one package I saw, an English speaker (Nancy Pelosi) was voiced over into French, and it wasn’t corrected for at least 2 hours. And they have been repeating the same packages, not reversioning.

The news agenda really doesn’t look like anything new, I have to say. Lots of agency footage, with, so far, the same perspective as we would expect from the two market leaders.

There’s isn’t much incentive to chose it over CNN, BBC World, or EuroNews. It hasn’t struck me as a different European offering. I think I’ll stay with Al Jazeera International for a different perspective. A couple of CCTV 9 style promotional pieces haven’t done too much to endear! But I must say again, it is very slick, I”ve only seen & heard it over online streaming, and I enjoy looking out for voices familiar from RFI!

After less than ten hours on-air, the “Frenchness” seems to be in the features more than the bulletins. But I’m not going to judge them this early, of course!