Lockdown project! Here are some animal sounds from my archive, trimmed and saved in the formats for iPhone or Android ringtones. You can add them as call ringtone, alert tones for SMS or other apps, or alarms.

How to install them on your phone? It varies slightly on which version of phone and computer you have, so please look at these iPhone instructions or Android instructions. In most cases you’ll have to:

  1. download the relevant ringtone from the link saying iPhone | Android on a computer
  2. Plug your phone into the computer

Then it depends on the phone/laptop combo. For an up-to-date iPhone and Mac, it’s simple drag-and-drop and the tones will show up under Sounds in your system preferences.
Some are really short – the tui and penguin in particular – and are more suited to instant message apps that have more frequent but shorter notification sounds.

Eider duck (medium)

iPhone | Android

Eider duck (shorter)

iPhone | Android


iPhone | Android

Sub-tropical forest

iPhone | Android

Download all the ringtones, for iPhone

Download all the ringtones, for Android

African penguin looks towards camera