I started getting emails at the day job about World Curlew Day. It had a lovely logo. Curlews have such a distinctive call, the potential for a podcast rose gradually across the office Outlook screen. The emails came from Mary Colwell, and her website revealed her to be a very experienced broadcaster. Podcast tip: interview a radio producer; they know what makes a good interviewee!

I made a point of getting this episode out, to be part of the hashtag #WorldCurlewDay. This is running across different social media platforms, with a bias of course for photos, so here’s an audible contribution.

I’ve been avoiding actually describing the episode. And will continue on that path.

This episode includes audio from Xeno-Canto, (which probably should be an episode in its own right); in this case, it’s XC344313 by Patrik Åberg, released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0, and that means that this episode is covered by the same licence too.


This is an episode of Conservation Sound, a podcast I produce. I tried to mix ‘for podcast’, in this case by doing the final mix on headphones sitting near some noisy roadworks. What a complicated thing that is: headache-inducing in another environment, and how do you fit in non-speech elements? Do without the latter, and the former matters less, perhaps, but doesn’t that limit the medium?