Conservation Sound episode… Hiatus.  After five episodes over the summer, I’m putting Conservation Sound on hold. The workload was a bit too much for me by myself, alongside the day job and preparing for university, which was top priority (reasonably enough!). So with this episode I introduce some of the examples of sound in conservation which I was hoping to feature. The plan wold have been an interview and episode for each piece featured here.

There are more out there – researchers studying primate sounds in Borneo particularly tickle me – and perhaps another series will emerge, hybridised and more robust, after I graduate in September 2016.

Links for the audio mentioned in this edition:

Running the goat Chris Brookes/Battery Radio
Other people and programmes who were on the cards include:
Tree-climber James Aldred who has been in a couple of BBC Natural History Unit radio programmes such as James and the Giant Eagle and James and the Giant Tree.
Taiwan-based sound artist Jannick Dauby.
Marc Anderson of Wild Ambience.
And Colette Kinsella whose Zoo Diaries (in particular ‘Birth’) pushed me to start the who project in the first place.