B: Blunt, Sarah; BBC Natural History Radio Unit

Episode B of Conservation Sound is all about Sarah Blunt, Senior Producer at the BBC’s Natural History Unit in Bristol. She talks about the importance of knowing your audience, and the very wide range of programme-types available to her as part of the BBC Radio 4 output. She also tells us about her scientific background, and offers her contribution to our conservation sound manifesto.

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  1. Afternoon Sarah,

    Another very engaging ‘Natural Histories’ / Radio 4 today on Eels.
    Again, added depth, experience and warmth with local folk who know their piece of England well.

    Question. You have not replied – Re: my idea for a natural history programme (Bird Accents UK – my email a couple of weeks ago). Think it would be something fresh for us to see & hear. What about it? I commented on Collared Doves with different accents here in Somerset from where I lived in Glos. before. I remember the Bullfinch made news a while back – those Birmingham birds had quite distinct songs!
    Please return with your reply. Thank you Sarah.

  2. Connor Walsh

    Hi Valerie-Jane, thanks for your comment. Just to let you know, this blog and podcast are independent of the BBC and so there is no assurance that Sarah will see this message–she was an interviewee of mine, rather than producer of the podcast. Good luck with your programme idea!

  3. Stephen Caine

    Was told to contact Sarah Blunt by The Association O British Botanical Artists concerning a up coming programme about Ferns. My work is just Fossil Fern Illustrations, but if that is of interest please contact me anytime.

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