Update: in November 2015 I let this little project run free and take off by itself, I hope fully fledged and ready for more wandering!

@TheAudioFeature is a little social media project I’ve started for 2015. The idea is inspired by @BioTweeps, where every week a different biologist takes care of the account, tweeting about their corner of the biology world. It’s diverse, fascinating, and educational. One morning in December I decided to start something similar for audio features. Specifically those engaging, crafted works of audio storytelling, that perhaps float in a space between journalism and sound art.

So I’ve set up an infrastructure, and started sourcing people to take the keys for a week each, throughout 2015. By definition, it’s a work-in-progress, and will keep developing until the end of the year. Thus far though there has been plenty of interest and support. My phone pings at me every time a new follower signs up, and that is part of the fun for me. But aside from the logistics, I’m not actually that involved. The idea is for a diverse stream, with varying perspectives, likes and dislikes, and, indeed, levels of interaction with other Twitter users.

If you’d like to take part, let me know!