Here’s a guided night tour through a big nature reserve on the outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand. It’s now called Zealandia. It has a massive predator-proof fence, to keep out the invasive rodents and mammals that have greatly damaged New Zealand’s ecology (the only native terrestrial mammals are bats). I joined a group with red headlamps, and a great tour guide, after sunset. The Sanctuary was brought to mind by some discussion in a (very good) course I’m taking at the moment, about luring with bird calls – at that time at least there was a spot in the Sanctuary where you could push button to hear kiwi calls (and I think also ruru) played back from speakers in a patch of the forest.

Audio stuff:
This is an old piece! Back in 2008 I made this on spec in Wellington, in New Zealand. Before In The Dark came into my life and opened me up to good radio-making! But it works fine for what it is. The plan was to pitch to Deutsche Welle, and so it’s all narrated, factual, not very soundy. It was around the time I finally gave up on This American Life and perhaps just as I was beginning to fall in love with early Radiolab, so I do at times sound like I’m heavily sedated. And I did the American pronunciation of ‘Galapagos’.
I made this in Amadeus Pro – which was an excellent application (great spectorgrams), and probably still is, but I don’t have it anymore. So this is just the mixed down wav, in which I admit, I’ve turned down the levels in a few chunks…!