A radio feature, a travelogue.
A version of an RTÉ Doc on One that I never made – despite help and support from them and Russell Finch, I got so far, and not all the way.
Half a year later, it turns out I hadn’t quite said everything I had to. IFC came along, and Kaye Mortley showed translations. Add to this the temptation of Prix Bohemia, and being able to pull a voice-over favour with Snap Judgment‘s London stringer, well, the stars aligned.

It made sense to use some of the pre-made scenes that were sitting on my hard drive, with some stories that were never meant to be in that original doc, and make a travelogue more about me… The main interviewee chose not to participate in the Doc on One after recording, and losing that means there’s essentially no ‘clean’ audio. I’m calling that “playing for the second listen”.

Goethe, Cervantes… Confucius… Adorno…