Generalising, but: features producers love radio that brings joy. A bit of a laugh.
Comparative “outsiders” – writers, musicians, listeners – are moved more highly by desperately sad, gut-wrenching radio.
Why the difference? Partly, I think, because in “the business” of features, we’re more exposed to the stories of hurt. We hear more and we know that they can have greater impact for less sound.
And we forget that for listeners and everyone else, the opposite is the case. Most of what most people hear is “neutral” (news, current affairs, wallpaper, informative or comforting)  or music. Fun – a DJ making you smile or laugh or somehow lightening your day. The average listener is rarely reminded how powerfully radio can push you into or along the edge of dark places.

Having said all that, I have Pick of the Week on in the background as I write this, and it’s all about deep stuff. Radio, all on Radio 4, that starts comforting and pushes past that.