Jazz-ya ginger ales with re-found Yogini; a surprisingly useful recording at the City Planning Office; and rumours of steak for breakfast.

Yesterday morning I returned to 798 for the first time since interviewing a bookstore owner there in 2004 – and my first wander round the galleries. No sound art, sadly, and in fact a pretty bland acoustic experience. “Derivative” became my new favourite statememnt-of faint-praise-that-I-don’t-understand.

Diner was quiet – a Chinese buffet that makes Chinatown look… too easy – and a pile of really tired people. Up early now to pack and then head off to Changsha, where the tone will change as I don’t have friends to see, so it’s all work-based from now on!


p.s. went to local electronics superstore to get a pocket/portable radio, preferably with shortwave. None for sale there at all…