Breakfast in the revolving restaurant; teahouse surrounded by traditional music talking Taoism with mentee, in Black Bamboo Park (tiny sample of audio below). Now for formalities to see the day out.

=== Later:

Now renaming recording files at 4 am.

Rest of the day was the formalities of the organising body. The alumni and this year’s contestants are still fairly separate, so I’ve hardly had a chance to speak to Tricia. But she told me there’s another Irish contestant here too, a last minute thing. I’ll have to try to find him!

We had roast duck – 150 + people filling the whole upper floor of a major restaurant. Then met an old friend, my language exchange from university. 11 years we’ve known each other!


Today will be off to 798, the contemporary arts district (following breakfast in the revolving restaurant again). Some of the contestants are flying off to Changsha today so I’ll have to chase Tricia before breakfast and giver her a recorder and super-fast lesson in audio diary making.

Then catching up with a classmate from SOAS. Will be great to see her after many years too.

Seeing these old friends has been great. Also spotting the potential for a podcast for bi-lingual people. That ability brings a few strong points to radio making I reckon. And there are many interesting stories to be had out here, that is absolutely the case.