Plenty of Formula 1 teams do podcasting. And in a sport that relies on marketing to keep glamorous and wealthy, the tendency is to bring a company in and sound as slick and professional as possible. Unfortunately this often means journalists who cover the sport moonlighting in PR, and cringey imaging that stopped moving you after the age of 19 (sadly something that many in the music radio industry seem to have forgotten).

One team however flies in the face of this and produces in-house a regular and listenable podcast that embodies the team and its image.

Williams is the most celebrated privateer team: hugely successful in the past, based on the engineering of racing cars, and the definitive British team. As a marketer would point out, Mansell, Coulthard and Hill all drove for them.

So, the podcast: it’s short, and at least two come out every race. So you can listen to them in the midst of the weekend! Best of all though is the style – a member of the media team grabs a handheld recorder and asks their colleague (some millionaires, some not) about how the weekend is going. The answers are honest, and at the top and bottom you can actually hear the handling sounds, the pause before they start, and people commenting in the background. Not polished (I suspect slightly edited), intentional and perfectly in line with the team’s image.

Just an interview? No amazing F1 car sounds? Nope, because of commercial rights issues, all F1 podcasts by people without broadcast rights, even teams, have to be recorded away from the circuit.

Here, listen to the most recent Engineering Pod, and the back catalogue.