It would be surprising if Studio 360, the world’s best produced pop-culutre programme, hadn’t reacted to the killing of Osama bin Laden.

After all, the most common reaction on 9/11 was, as they pointed out “I turned on the TV and thought it was a movie”.

From John Wayne to 24, the crafted script picked out the references all round. You’ll hear the term “The finale”.

And when host Kurt Anderson goes on to tell us the bad guys also knew how to play their part, we know we’re getting getting suitably intellectual for the New York Public Radio show, then into the montage. John Wayne to George Bush, with the YouTube audio of news and pristine Hollywood sound. Movies and TV shows excerpted. Telling a slow story, it feels like a sonically-driven creation. Johnny Cash is the key to the door on the real world, and reality, as the five minute item ends.

Johnny Cash died a couple of years after 9/11 – and YouTube hadn’t even been created yet.

So perhaps it was a conscious nod to how much the world has moved on that what we heard was not called a montage or even a collage, but an “audio mashup”. Mashup being the term for online creations, by those outside the professional media sphere. This chimes interestingly with, say, podcasters for International Relations organisations…

Give Eric Molinsky’s piece a listen on the Studio 360 website.