Podcasts from the Financial Times are fairly well established, and not insignificant in volume. They probably have made a reasonable difference to the standing of podcasts among older, more powerful demographics.

On the whole they match the paper’s image and market well. They’re not without their weaknesses, of course, with something still amiss about the audio quality on occasion.

So far the strongest listen is Banking Weekly. Duration under 15 minutes, yet it still feels in depth (to someone who knows little about the topic, which is probably secondary audience, it has to be said).

Then there’s Lucy Kellaway, a familiar voice and style from the BBC World Service Business Daily podcast. Now there’s a boon for your podcasts if ever there was one – same opinion-former audience, cross-over of being listeners, and an extra air of authority.

Gideon Rachman’s podcast doesn’t quite meet the expectations of readers, I sense because he’s simply too much of a print journalist. Not that that’s necessarily a criticism, but rather he just sounds a bit clamped.

The FT podcasts tend to get to the point, dodging the steamroller that squishes many current affairs podcasts – introductory verbiage which might say something useful, but you’ll never know when after the first 40 seconds it just seems to be saying “Bye! I’m not worth listening to!”

There are a couple of podcasts in there that sound a bit too hobbyist – FT Science’s host Clive Cookson could do with a wee bit more presenter training for instance. But on the whole, if you like serious speech-based news and current affairs content, FT podcasts are well worth a twirl.

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