On this side of the pond, we’ve heard that New Yorker Tony Schwartz was a radio legend. And this programme makes you understand exactly why.

Tony Schwartz: 30,000 Recordings Later, is a Lost & Found Sound from 1999, produced by the Kitchen Sisters. But this isn’t just something from the archive, as it’s now in rotation on Remix Radio (wrapped up in a Saltcast. Listen here on PRX. Layers and layers of love).

Producing an item on such a fantastic producer might have been intimidating – whatever, the result is a triumph.

Gorgeous flow.

His famous 2-odd minutes of his niece’s growing up, yes, is there (with a revelation), but there is so much more: the wire recordings story, for instance, is so vivid, you see it unfolding and adore it as it does.

A challenge for us Europeans (okay, skeptical Europeans) is the concept of the American radio voice, and Tony Schwartz certainly had one of those. And his makes a voice-refusnik like me cave in. Fabulous. The man’s work also wins over also because of the organs both side of the voicebox – the mind and the heart.

It turns out that as a lad, he was an amateur radio enthusiast, with a transmitter, QSL cards, and proper antennas. “I think the most important thins we can work on in communication”, he says, “to make the world safer for the people who live in it.”

Hear hear, old man, hear hear.