Review: Pick of the Pods

This highlists show has been arriving every couple of weeks since mid-February, and now seems a good time to give it a reviewical whirl.

Some big-name podcasts are sampled, a big-name producer gets interviewed, the iTunes chart is run through, and a no longer updated podcast is fêted. The lot is tied together by Tom Robinson, who penned Listen to the Radio long ago (that’s how I know him best. He also presents on BBC Radio 6 Music but I’ll try to be open-minded about him).
The show is faithful to the sprit of podcasts, so there’s no fixed duration and the language could casually kill my maiden aunt.

The mix is broad though – Johann Hari to WTF, with classy stuff like Radiolab and Hackney Podcast too. So far I haven’t chosen to subscribe to anything from Pick of the Pods, but I don’t mean that as a criticism. With some of the big names, the excerpts are just long enough to let me stay comfortable in my prejudice that “oh I wouldn’t like that show anyway“, while still a good listen. In particular, the UK artists are very welcome. Where it wins is the simple act of hassle-free curation. The excerpts are short and given context.

If I do have one criticism, it’s another personal preference: the presentation is maybe a wee bit too up-beat, too “radio”. It’s not enough to make me unsubscribe, or even reluctant to listen. I’d just prefer a Pick of the Pods De-caf, that’s all.

Pick of the Pods
, Bi-weekly, from Jibba Jabba Productions.

Correction: My bad! Tom Robinson still works at 6 Music, as kindly pointed out on Twitter. Now fixed!

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  1. Conor,

    Thanks for the review of the show, very constructive and the team will be ruminating on your points whilst making the next programme!

    Jason (Pick of the Pods Producer)

  2. admin

    Oh Jason, don’t pay any attention to me, just do your thang!

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