As if Chris Watson could do a bad programme about a volcano in Iceland.
This is just delicious. Few people can be so effortlessly endearing as presenters. Few can give just the right amount of spoken information to make sounds spring into colour. And of course, few can record so well, so close, so listened.
A besotted fan of Chris Watson (such as myself) will know some of the techniques – hydrophones under the shoreline, and in ice, for instance. But that didn’t detract at all from what is the best British radio programme I’ve heard so far in 2011.
It wasn’t just him, of course. Artists, with gorgeous Iclandic accents. Laugh-out loud moments, gasp-out-loud moments of wonder. Sigur Ros. A surprising painter.
All in all, Jule’s Verne’s Volcano is unmissable, so iPlayer it pronto!

p.s. As with most of Radio 4’s finest features, it’s made by an indie. In this case, Rose de Larrabeiti (my new hero) at Whistledown Productions.