Ten weeks ago, Martin WIlliams proposed collaborating on a spare-time project. It turned into Correspondence, and was an absolute blast!

The rules: Martin spends a week making one minute of audio, and sends it to me. One week later I return it, with my minute added, and so on back and forth for ten weeks.

The result is something neither of us would have made alone, and nothing that would ever get suggested to an editor had they asked for ten minutes on topic-x.

The format doesn’t lend itself to narrative. Martin’s style and skill does lend itself to layers – listen on the best cans you have, and you’ll hear something quite different from on average loudspeakers.

As I say, it was a blast to produce – every second Friday I’d usually let out a swear-word on hearing the latest correspondence, wondering how I could ever match it.

p.s. I’ll add a full cast-list once I’ve confirmed with everyone involved that they’re happy to be named!