I was supposed to be packing. But in a cheap household things shop in Electric Avenue today, I spotted a funnel for the princely sum of £2. The dishrack I was after was already accounted for.

funnel with microphones in place

And something said to me “buy the funnel and use it to record your heart”.

The thought had been with me for a week and a few days – a friend had asked me if there were any “lovely ladies” in my life in Brussels. The only thing I miss, I remembered, about having a partner was having someone’s heart to listen to. I don’t have what it takes to put my own ear to my chest and listen. Yeah what a loser.

So home, supposed to be packing, I get the Microphone Madness lavs/binaurals, and shove ’em into the funnel, as below.

How did it work? Have a listen :-)

[edit: listen on headphones. My DT-770s, which are a bit light on the ol’ bass, show it. While recording, I used nasty cheapo Sonys which are muddy and muffled. They showed it. But my etomytics and the speakers on the MacBook simply don’t show it. Pfff.