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Gedichtje Radiophonique

There hasn’t been much time to go out specifically to record recently, so when I chucked a handheld recorder in my bag before heading out this morning, it…

Foghorn Requiem

The foghorn requiem was performed on 23 June 2013 on a cliff top in northeast England. The full write-up and essential links from Robin Thefog is here –…

Knokke/Zwin nature walk

Another of my nature sound walk thingies, this time in the dune and polder nature reserve at Knokke, the northernmost town on Belgium’s coast.

Pointe des Almadies

In Senegal for a family occasion (not my family, but still a family) in early May 2013, I made this little item at an interesting geographical location.

The Thames at Hammersmith, a week after The Boat Race

Some rowers are on the river, some with a coach in a motor boat, some not; a river cruiser passes; and more. I spent half an hour recording…

Urban Reservoir one Sunday Morning

After two days at the In The Field symposium, I was woken early on Sunday by a sound that brought to mind two recordings we heard at the…

Walks on Hampstead Heath

Simple field recordings, and me describing, some probably fairly ordinary sounds of Hampstead Heath Extension and the adjoining Sandy Heath.

White Cliffs of Dover

Another of those nature walks I do. If you’ve heard one, you’ll know that listening is a waste of your time. 1 August, 2012, and we’re walking from…

Being stopped in my tracks on Hampstead Heath Extension

Out for a wander with newly thrown-together microphone windshields to test, nearly leaving the Heath, where the National Grid has works underway on requiring temporary traffic lights on…

Raven Wood on the Winter Solstice

Went off to Raven Wood today. It’s an interesting place, coniferous woodland on sand dunes, with the Irish Sea on one side and reclaimed mudflats on the other….

My Batteries Ran Out in the Rose Garden

I didn’t notice for a moment – in the rain, with the bird, the dog, and the plane.

Hail and Thunder

A modest stereo field recording of the hail and thunder storm we had in West london during the week.

Benimeli plaza atmos

Here’s a charming field recording of the plaza in Benimeli, a village in the hills between Alicante and Valencia. Recorded in 2005, in mono, on MiniDisc. I can’t…

Urban Rumble

Few people, lots of noise, on King Street on Saturday afternoon. This is made of two field recordings.

My First Hydrophone

Just stumbled across this – my first recording with a hydrophone. It’s a DolphinEar Pro, into the left channel of my then brand-new Fostex FR-2le, with the Beyer…