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Raven Wood on the Winter Solstice

Went off to Raven Wood today. It’s an interesting place, coniferous woodland on sand dunes, with the Irish Sea on one side and reclaimed mudflats on the other….

Berlin Flagpoles

First lunch break from the Prix Europa, on the Sunday, I crossed the road and made a couple of wee recordings. It was lovely!

My Batteries Ran Out in the Rose Garden

I didn’t notice for a moment – in the rain, with the bird, the dog, and the plane.

Changsha Market Walk-through

Yes I know. I know, I know. It’s a recording of walking through a market – I know! It’s part of the little field recording I got to…

East Street Market Walk-through

From late January 2010.

Political Insight in China

The 所谓的中国通们 express their political smarts, while trying on daft costumes in a TV studio make-up room, somewhere in Hunan.


After a tour and banquet at the Maotai factory, the participants get back on the bus…

Getting chucked around a bus by Guizhou roads

The bus trip to Maotai was really very bumpy. We were being chucked around like we were, say, on the deck of the Star Ship Enterprise…

Day something or other, Changsha

I missed out on some action last night. But the guys had plenty about it to say this morning, which bodes well. Visited Yuelu Shuyuan, which I knew…

Day 4 – Beijing to Changsha

An early start; airport fun; farewell text messages; arriving in Changsha. Not being able to find my suit trousers. Phoning the last hotel, being told they aren’t there;…

Day 3 in Beijing

Jazz-ya ginger ales with re-found Yogini; a surprisingly useful recording at the City Planning Office; and rumours of steak for breakfast. Yesterday morning I returned to 798 for…

Summer Church bells in England

A glorious sunny day, a traditional Anglican church, and the bells ring out. Not terribly London – well, it was Putney. About 20 metres from where I recorded…

The Death of Charlie Bird

During the production of this item, our expert guide, Deirdre Wogan, points out the grave of Charlie Bird. Archive from 2008, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Some more correspondence

Another collaborative project with Martin Williams, following the same format as the last time, but purely with field recordings. This time we had a longer tail for cross-fading….

Archive: retail therapy

A random finding in the archive (iTunes was on shuffle, in other words) just now. The week I bought my first flash-based sound recorder (Edirol R-09) in Tokyo,…